Mployee Privacy rights in the Workplace


This is a persuasive essay taking a stand on the side of the employers.

Please use the below thesis statement with any changes you see fit:

While many employees see the issue of privacy rights in the workplace as an
intrusion of privacy, employers feel it is an essential security measure to
protect the company, as well as ensure employees are not wasting valuable
company time on unproductive personal business in the workplace.

Please use at least three of the below listed sources:

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Mployee Privacy rights in the Workplace

Persuasive Essay with 1200 words, a title page, rerferences page , uses thes main pints and details
Main point Sexual harassment with details touched in the wrong places, said the wrong things too
Main point Wrongful termination with details such as being laaid off,fired for no reason
Main point Denied wges,beneftis, and overtime with details having no insurance, wrking for free
Main point Being monitored with details such as cameras and email