Mployee Recruitment: Outsourcing Human Resources Function of Finding, Attracting and Hiring Capable and Qualified Employees

Examining a Human Resources Management (HRM) functions employee recruitment. 1)Describe in detail a best practice within that function employee recruitment and concentrate on best practices regarding employee recruitment (best practices of outsourcing recruitment); 2)Indicate why adopting this best practice would be in the interest of the organization. This should include a description of what the typical or former practice is, and how the best practice you have chosen would be an improvement; 3)indicate what legal implications, if any, are involved in the practice, doing this from the perspective of sound HR management (paper not expected to provide a detailed legal analysis); 4) advocate the adoption of this best practice and the discussion should be persuasive for adoption, but you should also indicate risks, possible advantages and disadvantages. The paper must include citations to research literature that indicate that your best practice actually produces favorable results. Citations to the literature to back up your arguments using research literature; from a peer-reviewed source that either presents original empirical findings or is an original summary of such findings.