Mployee Relations Human Resources Questions

Employee Relations Human Resources

Answer three (3) of the following base on chapters 1-4 of the book:

1. I once read that the  concept of human rights has not been an important influence in the making of United States labor policy. In this country, workers are considered to have only those rights set forth in specific statutes or collective bargaining contracts and those statutes and contracts are subject to shifting political and bargaining power. Discuss the validity of these statements by using each of the four schools of thought about employment relationship discussed in chapter 2 as your basis.

2. Alfred North Whitehead once said, The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order. Using information from chapters 1 and 2, how does this quote reflect the employee/employer relationship?

3. To some experts the National Labor Relations Act (Wagner Act) is an anti-employer piece of legislation. Using details/information found in chapter 4, explain why many believe this.

4. The traditional model of negotiations assumes that management and labor have clearly defined sets of opposing tasks and interests and that every gain is offset by a loss. Discuss how responsibilities of the NLRB and the statutes of the Taft-Harley Act attempted to change that process.

5. Labor Unions: Aging Dinosaur or Sleeping Giant? Using chapter 1 has a guide, answer this question.

6. It s been written,  The attempt of persons to understand the forces remaking their world and, by organization, to control them, constitutes, indeed, the major motif of the social history of the late nineteenth century. Describe how this statement applies to workers and their union in the different periods of labor history outlined in chapter 3.

Your answers need to be very detailed, comprehensive, and complete. You need to assume that I have not read the chapter or have knowledge of the labor relations process or any of the labor laws. Assume nothing&

Labor Relations: Striking a Balance 4.Edition 2013
John W. Budd
ISBN: 9780078029431

Style APA

Include the book as reference to the answers