Mployee relationships and employee motivations

This is a dissertation so a lot of research and thought into i wanted to dwell on what really motivates employees at work environments and relationships they have towards each other and their work. I want the work to be formally written, the structure of my project should be as follows:
Title Page:
This must include the following:
The title of the project: although the title of the project is a personal matter it should be one that reflects the subject

Executive summary:
Maximum 300 words of a summary of the project aim, approach and results

Table of contents page

Project aim and objectives:
Maximum 300 words with specific research question and 2 or 3 SMART objectives ( in billeted list)

Project approach:
Maximum 300 words project plan plus the tasks and activities required to collect and analyse/evaluate the data which includes brief explanation of the research methods applied in the project as necessary

Literature review:
Critically review the academic literature relevant to the project aim (problem or opportunity) maximum 1000 words

Critical evaluation and analysis of the data:
Maximum 2000 words
1. Review the business case and environment
2. Present the data collected, analyse and interpret the data in relation to your project objectives
Discussion: discuss the objectives in light of the results of the data evaluation and analysis and in relation to the academic literature you reviewed. Abt 900 words

Including recommendations in terms of managerial implications and if applicable, further research. Abt 500 words

Reference list:
Referenced publications are listed in the bibliography alphabetically by authors surname using Harvard system

Appendix(s): if needed such as , copies of questionnaires, interview schedules, diagrams, figures and graphs which are too large for text should be provided in this section.