Mployee rewards and performance management

The reading and audio materials provided in unit 7 and 8 have been quiet educational in a professional and personal level.
It was rather informative to have a broader portrait about performance management and the wide range of internal and external issues impacting this system.
Furthermore, the reward system is supposed to strengthen the bond between group members in an organization. Therefore, the fundamental objective of developing reward system in an organization is to motivate employees to work hard and as well retain the in the organization.
As a leader responsible for a small team, I understand that performance management is a cycle of practices and tactful strategies aiming at improving individual performance to achieve organisations goals and objectives. However, it was quiet interesting to learn that performance management starts at the time of recruitment and selection, in addition to that being regarded as a crucial stage.
Moreover, the materials provided on the topic have taught me the importance of ensuring a balanced evaluation towards both negative and positive issues during performance appraisal. Also, it was interesting to learn that using the following key factors will assist in achieving a successful approach to appraisals [Measurement, Feedback, Positive Reinforcement, Exchange of Views and Agreement].
Now, I do understand that constructing a structured technique to designing the performance management system is crucial to the overall success of the organisation. Additionally, these techniques should be constantly updated and reviewed according to changes in the organisationi??s business approach and strategies.
The knowledge gained in the last two weeks, has broaden my understanding on performance management as an effective collaborative practice to organisationi??s success. Furthermore, this module continues to develop and enhance my leadership mindset, which will definitely confidently allow me to valuably involve in organizational issues related to employees performance, involvement and engagement.
This whole module has changed my overall mind-set towards human resource management in general. Every bit of knowledge attained during the process of studying this module has definitely enhanced my level of self confidence as a professional.