Mployee usage policy for a high school information systems and assets

Prepare an employee usage policy for a high school information systems and assets. Your policy should include, but not necessarily be limited to, email and web usage. Please include a basic description of the organization as an attachment. This description (less than 10 sentences) should identify the mission or business of the organization, approximate numbers and types of employees, the role of information technology, and any other descriptive information that relates to Acceptable use.”) If your organization, for any reason, would object to your preparing such a paper for the organization, you may substitute the University or another organization. (I do not verify the facts you provide. Therefore, you may utilize and describe a fictitious organization.)
The body of your paper should be in two parts. In Part I, present the policy itself.
In Part II, discuss the ethical, moral and legal implications of your policy and the choices you made in preparing the policy. Be sure to include and identify each type (ethical, moral and legal).
In this paper you must comply with the format requirements of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association. Careful attention should be given to spelling, punctuation, source citations, references, and the presentation of tables and figures. It is expected that all course work will be presented on time and error free.