Mployees Resistance to Organizational Change

The project draft must include the following information:

Organization: (25 Pts)
” Describe the change concept(s) that you will focus on in the paper.

” Describe why this change topic is important to the change agent
” Briefly explain how this approach to change could impact the organization
” Briefly reveal any ideas you have at this time about your personal change model.

Research Plan: (25 Pts)
” Provide an overview of what specific research you will take as it relates to the change concept that is the focus of your paper.

References: (25 Pts)
” Identify two or three resources you expect to use in the paper.
” Briefly explain why they are of value to your paper.

Scholarly Sources:
” You are required to use scholarly sources for your course project
” Within DeVry University Library Services (link can be found within The HUB) you have access to EBSCOhost, which offers full-text access to articles in all subject areas. Within EBSCOhost, you can do an advanced search where you have the choice to search for only  scholarly (peer reviewed) journals.
” You might also consider using the Google Scholar search engine.

Format of Your Draft:
” Header should include the title: (Your Name) Project Draft and the date
” Typically this is a one page document. If you need two pages, you are exceeding what is required for the draft.
” Spell check, grammar check, and proofread
” Save you document in the following naming convention: your name and first initial Project Draft.doc and leave it in the Week 4 Project Draft Drop Box.