Mployer Branding. Based on McDonalds case study

the assignment is for the open book exam. We were given questions, I want to have them written down and then will learn for the exam. There are 4 questions but I need the writer to answer 3 questions out of 4 (one question Ive done myself Ive done Question 1). The questions the writer needs to cover:
Q2: Set out your principal recommendations as to the steps the company should now take in order to further re-brand itself positively as a good employer (use 4 or 5 points from the list called Formulating arguments/answersthat Im going to send you
Q3: What wider purposes could be served for the company if it succeeds in further turning round its image as a poor employer
Q4: To what extent do you agree with the view that McDonalds actions over the past 10 years can be judged as A text book case of effective employer brandingJustify your answer

I will attach the case study and points that will have to be used when formulating the answer shortly.

short introduction and conclusion then 400 words per question. I need to see the evidence of good research, business orientation, application capabilities and analysis, referring to the case study NO DESCRIPTION! The writer MUST read the case studies both, not only the short one!It is all based on the UK McDonalds so dont refer to the status quo in the US you can put so in the recommendation as to what UK McDonalds could do etc

I want the writer to send me answer to each questions separately as soon as theyre ready so I can review them as we go along. I DO NOT WANT to wait for the whole essay to be sent at once based on my previous experiences with writers and poor quality.

Added on 24.11.2014 15:40
Please find attached formulating arguments/answers and instructions with the case studies. As youRe answering 3 questions out of 4 only, please SKIP everything what relates to Q1 (SWOT analysis) as IVe done it myself. For Q2 please pick 4 or 5 examples from formulating arguments/answers file only.

As mentioned before as soon as youVe finished Q2, send it over so I can review it, the same with Q3 and Q4. If anything is not clear do let me know