Mployer Branding for the University of Chichester

Dissertation that I must do:  Employer Branding for the University of Chichester

What is general content that I need?

A): Research on what is Employer Branding?

B): How can the Chichester University improve its  employer Branding  ?

(write whatever you want)

c): How can the  University of Chichester improve its marketing to potential employees?

(Please write anything you want)

C): What is it that the Current employees &potential employees think of the University of Chichester please add a research on this section or (what is the actual status of the employer branding in the University of Chichester ?)

The research must include

Quantitative data Qualitative data

But the main content of the research must be  5 INTERVIEWS and one FOCUS GROUP

Please make up the data, and make up the interviews, this means (write the questions and the answers of the interviews and the FOCUS GROUP)

*Examples of the questions that must be in the interviews:

What disappointed/(enjoyed) you working in the University of Chichester?

What would you improve if you were the boss of the University of Chichester?

What would you think of the perspective of working within the University of Chichester?

(These questions must of course be directed to fictional people)

D): Please add some secondary research  .e.g business source elite the objective was to gather information on what method they used to gather the data, so it must be done in the same fashion in my dissertation .

E): The Analysis of the data is extremely important please remember to develop well on it  thank you