Mployer Liability For Improper Computer and Internet Use By Employees

1. I want the references to be as i??footnotesi?? based on the Bluebook uniform of citation. (I will attached a Word File that shows examples of how the references should be cited for each kind of reference, so please follow it)
2. It is VERY important to include the PAGE, paragraph, or section number in every footnote citation. I want to know from where exactly the information provided came.
3. Use different Sources at least 20: case, statute, regulation, book, journal article and a TRUSTED websites. (At least 10-12 books, 8-10 journal articles). Also, support the thesis with legal provisions, cases or statues. Please Doni??t use internet sources like Wikipedia.
4. Please make sure to use sources that I would be able to have an access to them.
5. I would like to receive the parts of the paper that you have done as soon as it finished.
6. The writer of this paper should be someone in the legal field because it needs a legal analysis for some cases.
7. The writing should be in 12 point type Times Roman double space.
8. Nature of the thesis: to have a descriptive claim (the way it is) and prescriptive claim (the way it should be).
9. Here is the main important subtitles (outline) that I want it to be included in the thesis (It could be adjustable if its necessary, after discussing that with me). Also I will mention how many pages each section should be.( total of 22 pages)
I. Introduction ( 1-2 pages)
II. Background ( 5 Pages)
A. The Influence Of Computer Technology And The Internet In The Workplace
B. The Internet And Defamation Law
III. The Doctrine of Respondeat Superior (5-7 Pages)
A. Understanding the Respondeat Superior
B. The Doctrine of Respondeat Superior as Applies to Defamation
C. The Doctrine of Respondeat Superior as Applies to Negligent Retention of Employees
IV. Employer Liability for the Criminal Acts of Employees under Negligent Hiring Theory (5-7 Pages)
A. The Negligent Hiring Theory
B. Substantiating Employer Immunity
C. Example of Cases involving employer liability, internet use, and right To privacy (2-3 cases analysis)
V. Suggestions To reduce employer liability (2pages)
VI. Conclusion (1 page)
* It is okay to paraphrase any of the previous subtitles or add any one that you think it is good to mention.
* I am going to upload some resources that I wanted to be used and it would be very helpful.