Background Summary (750 to 1,500 words): This is a high level summary of literature in the field that would provide a manager not familiar with your topics an understand of key issues in the field, relevant theory, and trends that would be necessary to understand the scope of the problem you are looking at
i??Problem statement (100 to 300 words): This is a description of the high level issue you will be exploring and why it is important
i??Purpose Statement (300 to 500 words): Identify how you are going to approach the problem, what theory will be applied, the key independent variables, the dependent variables, the strategy of inquiry, . .I suggest you look at chapter 6 in the text
i??The research questions or hypothesize (3 to 5): This should help to narrow the scope of your inquiry to a specific, measurable, and defend deliverable
i??Methodology: This should be a specific methodology that will logically help to answer the research questions or allow you reject he null hypothesize
i??Summary of ten academically sound references that will be used in your literature review