Mployers letter of recommendation for an employee to be reinstated from a university he was dismissed from

This is a letter of recommendation for an employee who is trying to return back to his school he was academically dismissed from. He is petitioning. Could you please correct all grammatical errors and give any feed back for additional things I should write about. Thanks.

My name is Katherine Villamin, I m the co-manager for the Schools Department for Stuart Rodgers Photography in Evanston, IL. Ian has been one of my employees for over a year now. Stuart Rogers Photography is a small family run business with fewer then thirty employees. Our company focuses on corporate, commercial and school photography in addition to new and innovative approaches to portraiture and wedding photography for Chicago and the greater Chicago land area
Ian has been working full-time at Stuart Rodgers Photography since the winter of 2007. He has spent some of this time working one on one with clients to help sell/fulfill their photography needs, it could be selling a larger picture package to a family with a senior at one of the thirteen high schools we do businessTo upgrading the services of a photographer for a couples wedding. His position at SR photo has made him very valuable he has the interpersonal skills to work directly with clients but still has a natural managerial mindset when dealing with deadlines and helping the overall company work as one. There hasn t been a job at Stuart Rodgers that wasn t too large or too small for him. He puts a hundred percent effort and accomplishes everything that s given to him. Major duties include; building relationships with past/future clients, inventory management, quality inspection and shipping/logistics. Ian is very valuable to this company because he knows how everything works and all the proper steps required when putting out a high quality product to our clients. For over the past year Ian has consistently come to work on time with a good attitude and has made the people around more excited and energized.
Ian is very vocal for his passion and love for Miami University, I am well aware that he was academically dismissed from Miami due to his lack of focus on school work. From being around him everyday for the past year I know he has developed the maturity and strength to handle the rest of the classes to reach his overall goal of a bachelor s degree. With the economy doing so poorly and jobs being very difficult to come by would be the best time for Ian to go back to school to finish up with a degree. By not having a bachelor s degree is preventing him from being seen as valuable to other employers. With Ian s multicultural background, age, intelligence and overall desire can and will make the University and the students around him better. Ian is a natural born leader and by being removed from the University for the past three years has made him more mature and focused. It s very obvious that Ian knows the value of a bachelor s degree and by not having one how it s crippled him from pursuing other jobs with more responsibilities and a larger salary. I want to make it clear that Ian and I both know that he is well aware of what he needs to do to be successful at Miami and in life and it would be a disservice to the University and to Ian if he was not allowed back to the University. For any questions or anything I can help with, please don t hesitate to contact me.