The writer should solely focus on the Literature review, and Data Analysis only (3000 words on literature review, and 2000 words on the analysis). The writer can choose to get data from anywhere but I strongly recommend UNCTAD for inward FDI. The data analysis should be carried out using ONLY Regression Analysis (linear regression analysis). In essence, this is what is to be achieved:

Whether inward FDI has a positive, or negative, or no effect on employment is an empirical question, which in turn is the main hypothesis of the dissertation. The work uses regression analysis, which if done properly should have as dependent variable: employment levels, for the sample period, preferably at the company level. However I have started out at the country level because it is easier to get more information easily at the country level. Then as one of the dependent variables that may explain employment levels is inward FDI into Nigeria. Using only one dependent variable allows you to do a simple regression. However, one needs to use a multiple regression model, due to the fact that there are many reasons that may affect the employment level in Nigeria, beyond simply looking at inward FDI. For example, you can think of the wage and output level as additional determinants, where the former is likely to be negatively, and the latter positively correlated with employment demand.

In other words, you can use the unemployment rate in Nigeria to motivate the study. However in terms of analysis you are analysing the effect of inward FDI on employment. If you find, for example, that there is a negative and statistically significant relationship between IFDI and employment, then at least you can say that there seems to be direct, and perhaps indirect impact from MNE entry on employment levels and this may in turn explain some of the increase in unemployment. But remember, what determines unemployment is a whole different story which needs to be separately addressed empirically from that of employment effects. Apart from this, you need to spend time getting the regression analysis right as it is the most important bit.