Mployment in travel and tourism industry

Dear Writer,
i have one assignment to do and i want you to do it for me.i hope you will do it as my teacher asked me to do it.

here is the assignment as my teacher gave me.

Calire hopes that the information given about travel and tourism will encourage some of the visitors to seek employment in the industry.

your first work is to DESCRIBE the NATURE of EMPLOYMENT within the travel and tourism industry.
you should begin by providing a brife description of how the industry is divided into different sectors. you could use a table to list the employment roles in each sector. like
employment in travel:
employment in accommodation
employment intour operators
travel agent
tourism services
trade organisation
just give heading and tell what kind of employment are there in thses sectors.

you should then go on provide a full description including the following information for each sector:
1 the varity of jobe in each sector
2 full and part time job
3 temporary contracts
4 shift pay and unsocial hours
5 pay and conditions
6 training and progress opportunities
7 qualificaton required
8 skills required
9 personal attibutes required

in simple word just give the description
write the sector name and all the job that are in their and relatted to travel for example
transpot sector: air cabin crew job , ticket office job, coach company manager, ferries and so on
then describe the following 9 sector which i have mention above.
many thanks