Mployment law: a problem question in which one advises Sarah, Vera and Mike on their legal rights and any available remedies

Essays should be no more than 2,000 words maximum. This total includes footnotes, but excludes the bibliography. The cover page should display the following information.

Work must be accurately referenced, and a bibliography of all materials used in the preparation of the essay must be included.

Essay problem question:

2. Sarah has been a school administrator for 3 years. £500 has gone missing from the school safe and she has been accused of theft. She was the last person seen using the safe before the money went missing. The school invite her to an initial hearing, but conclude that she was the culprit. An appeal is heard, but this also goes against Sarah and she is dismissed.

Vera, the chemistry teacher, has been having a relationship with Mike, the French teacher, although they are both married. The head-teacher learns of their relationship. She tells Vera and Mike that the scandal would damage the school s public image and the strict moral ethos that she wants to convey to pupils. They are both dismissed without notice.

Advise Sarah, Vera and Mike on their legal rights and any available remedies.