Mployment Law and Practice (in Human Resource Management)


Briefly outline the nature of legal regulation relevant to an area of HR management (for example: working time and work-life balance), indicating the rationale for that legislative intervention. Use available evidence to assess the actual impact of that regulation on employersa policy and practice in the area and consider what might account for this.

Please write this paper on the area of a?working time and work-life balancea, as this is area I require it to be on and for which I have provided you with a number of useful sources.

The main focus of this paper in terms of the legal framework should be on the UK within its European context.

The paper does not require much detailed legal provisions and case law (only a small amount), but should rather take a broader look at the interaction of law and employment practice, while focusing on the nature and impact of legal regulation on the management of human resources with regards to working time/work-life balance. This needs to include:

a? The form of legal regulation and how it was intended to be given effect (e.g. did it require the employer to take some specific action; did it provide a right to employees they could enforce; did it seek to enable voluntary action at the workplace etc.).
a? Issues relating to assessing impact a For example, direct and indirect impact, causality, and variation in impact (and factors which might shape this).

This paper is required at a Masters Level, and therefore it is necessary that it be analytical and critical rather than descriptive.

The paper should include 4-5 subheadings within (including a?Introductiona and a?Conclusiona).

The a?Introductiona needs to outline what the paper is going to discuss and why.

The paper should also be double spaced.

This paper should adopt the Harvard referencing system (author, date), and include a Reference List at the end. A Bibliography is not required therefore the Reference List should only include sources which have actually been cited within the paper itself.

At least around 12-15 sources are required to be used, and it is very important that all sources are reliable. Therefore, the majority of sources cited within the paper must be from published Journal Articles and Published Books (like the ones I have provided and listed above). Please refrain from citing unreliable internet sources. Moreover, if statistics are referenced, please use reliable sources such as, WERS, The Office for National Statistics, etc.

Above is a list of sources which you may find useful. I will provide (by uploading) most of these for you. If there is any other specific Journal Articles or sources you require for this paper, then please let me know their details (author, year, tile, date, etc) and I will be more than happy to try and provide those for you.