Mployment Law-Conflict Management in Organizations in paticular countries

We will be looking at conflict resolution around the world. The chapters from Roche, W., Teague, P., and Colvin, A., (2014) The Oxford Handbook of Conflict Manangement in Organisations about the process and practise of resolving conflict in particular countries. There are 5 chapters, looking at: Germany, Japan, Australia, China, The UK. You can see these chapter in attachment. You have to read through the all chapters and write essay in based of following questions: 1) How are disputes at work resolved in these countries 2) What are the changes happening to the way disputes are resolved in these countries? You have to write in essay conflict resolution in each particular countries. Describe clearly the shown require of the 5 body for the 5 countries. And give strong conclusion which describes 5 countries. In attachment you can see the 5 chapters of 5 countries. There are 3 photos which describes resolution of this materials that we have done in group working(TAKE IT LIKE AN EXAMPLE, NOT BASIC INFORMATION) . Also you can see in attachment the slides of conflict management in organisations. In the end of all the chapters you can see references. You can use those references. Take into consideration that this essay will marked in 100%. This essay for the module of employment law. You have to resolve conflict management in organisations in particular countries. If u have any questions please write me any time. I am available anytime 24/3.

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1. Australia