Mployment law/ contractual principles ( implied duty of mutual trust and confidence )

The brief

The implied duty of mutual trust and confidence will evolve to form an all-embracing super-principle under which each of the more traditional implied duties will rest( David cabrelli , the implied duty of trust and confidence :an emerging overarching principle? (2005) 34 (4) ILJ 284

Required :
With reference to supporting legal authority;-
1) explain what traditional implied duties the writer is referring to?, providing the key purposes, policies and general principles of implied duties in the question.
2) write to what extent does the statement concerning the duty of mutual trust and confidence reflect the position today, with a critical evaluation( advantages&disadvantages) of the current law and purposals for reform.
3) appreciate the relationship between the mutual trust and confidence in employment law and contract law
4) it is essential to mention at least ones case law in each point illustrated. Any argument has to be supported with a case law,quotation,law article,,etc.

Referencing Requirements:
1) every quotation has to be referenced after the quotation and in the bibliography.
2) all sources need to be an academic onse( legislation forms, statutory , journals ..etc)
3) it is a requirement for 2:1 to have recent cases and legistlations
4) to be referenced in law style ( short in-between brackets in the main page, and the full reference at the foot note)