Mployment Law Coursework (see attachment for full details)

The question is attached below and the word limit is 4400 there are penalties for exceeding this.

Although this is a problem type question rather than a discussion essay, please include a general introduction regarding unfair dismissal and the aims of and topics to be covered in the essay.

Please deal with each issue of the employees dismissal in turn and individually but refer back to and link the issues together where appropriate.

The Extra bitregarding Human Rights Act is important but secondary to first part of question with regards to mark so this should be reflected in word count.

Although Ive stated 7 sources in the box above please do not be restricted by this in terms of using case law which should be referred to freely throughout the essay.

Other than the cases, the key texts are Selywyn and the IRLR journals.

A conclusion is necessary displaying consideration of both sides of the argument but ultimately choosing one side over the other.

Id be satisfied if this essay achieved a solid 2:2.
1. Selwyns Law of Employment by N Selwyn, Butterworths Law, 13th ed 2004
2. Employment Law by D Lockton, Palgrave MacMillan 5th ed 2006
3. Employment Law by G Phillips & K Scott, CLP 2005
4. Cases & Materials on Employment Law by R Painter & A Holmes, OUP 6th ed 2006
5. Industrial Relations Law Reports regarding unfair dismissal particularly Unfair Dismissal a guide to the relevant case law”
6. Case Law
7. Human Rights Act