Mployment Law Employment Discrimination

the subject should be an employment law subject, i have chosen Employment discrimination ( narrowed down to women employment )

The coursework assessment for this module comprises a written
evaluation of any one aspect of Employment Law implications in
chosen organizations practices in the light of the material covered on
the course. You should select a topic that will enable you to adopt a
critical perspective on organization, thereby enabling you to make
positive recommendations for change where appropriate. Your analysis
should demonstrate:
A grasp of the relevant literature and some of its limitations.
A thorough appraisal of its implications for the practice in your
Integration of course concepts 20%
Completeness of analysis 20%
Logically supported conclusions and recommendations 20%
Sufficient bibliographic support 10%
Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style 10%

paper should include the following sections: cover page (title, student
name, date, subject and instructor name), table of contents, abstract,
introduction, literature review, case study and conclusion. Any sources
must be cited within the body of the paper using a consistent style,
followed with a Reference section at the end of document detailing all
sources you have cited.

This paper should concentrate on the reasons for the lacunas of saudi law in the area of woman right in the workplace.
What is the present situation in Saudi for women who work?
Why are there no anti-discrimination laws to protect women?
What are the reasons/origins for discrimination of women in the workplace? Is the common practice of firms enough to protect women right?

NB: There should be a focus on POSITIVE discrimination.

I will provide some translated sources but you will need to find more resources on Saudi Arabia only.

Added on 25.11.2014 06:58
Please add whatever possible, the paper should show a positive innovative aspect not a negative one.

i am a saudi woman so the paper is important to have positivity in it even when we did not use to work in saudi arabia