Mployment Law in a report format revision

Employment Law is well documented. Breaches of law can have serious imlications for managers within the leisure sector however it also provides a construvtive framework for the development of appropriate human resource policies. Critically analyse, using a business report format, how employment law can support the development of good human resource policies and processes for a business of your choice. 2,500 words, word processed in double spaced Aerial or Times Roman 12 font, fully Harvard referenced making good use of appendices to support the work.

Outstanding work of excellent quality. Shows an exceptional ability to analyse and synthesise. There is considerable evidence of independent thought, originality and ability to evaluate. For this grade of work students will therefore provide:
Ø An excellent introduction to the industry related outlet to be discussed
Ø An excellent overview of employment legislation that analyses and synthesises information
Ø An excellent evaluation of the problems encountered within the particular sector of the industry (i.e. previous legal challenges, what caused them, what could have prevented them, the outcomes for the sector)
Ø An excellent discussion of policies and procedures for implementation to be taken in avoiding incidents and problems in accommodating the stakeholders of the outlet that shows independent thought in reaching conclusions
Ø The whole to be underpinned by the theory and academic principles involved in dealing with issues covered by law that is evidenced an excellent range of reading and research
Ø An excellent report style that is fully spellchecked, with excellent Harvard referencing