Mployment Law-Procedural Fairness in Dismissal

You are employed in the Human Resources Department of Food Ltd a medium sized, independent supermarket chain based in Birmingham. The owner of the chain is aware that you are studying employment law and has heard talk at the local Chamber of Commerce of the polkey reduction. However, no-one there was able to adequately explain what it maeant.
He asks you to prepare a report for him, explaining in language suitable for a non-lawyer, the following;

1. the meaning of the polkey reduction

2. the effect of the Employment Act 2002 (Dispute Resoloution) Regulations 2004 on the polkey reduction

3. the effect of case law since the Dispute Regulations (above) on the polkey reduction

4. possible changes to the polkey reduction as a result of Resolving Disputes in the Workplace-a consultation published March 2007 and your view on the desirability or otherwise of retaining the polkey reduction.

Although i have stated 2500 words you may go upto 3000 if you need to.

IDS brief is an excellent journal with much new material.
Harvard Referencing