Mployment Law–Whitakers Fine Wines Limited

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Learning Outcomes:
a? Understand the nature, scope and significance of an employer/ employee relationship and the diversity of employment status that now exists in the flexible labour market
a? Understand the nature, scope and main sources of implied, express and imposed terms of an employment contract and cite relevant statutory provisions and interpretive case law
a? Understand the main statutory and common law employment rights, duties and liabilities of employers and employees
a? Discuss and apply the legislative provisions and case law authorities relating to sex, race and disability and other forms of proscribed discrimination in the UK, evaluate the impact of anti-discrimination legislation on HR policies and develop appropriate equal opportunities strategies
a? Analyse and apply the common law and statutory provisions relating to health and safety in the workplace and critically evaluate the role of the bodies established to monitor and enforce the statutory provisions.
a? Apply appropriate statutory provisions and common law principles to assess the legal rights and liabilities of employees and employers

Whitakers Fine Wines Limited

Whitakers Fine Wines Limited ( Whitakers), a retailer of high quality wines acquired a number of additional high street outlets in November 2011. As a result of the expansion in Whitakers shops, the Company needed to recruit additional staff a both retail assistants, and area sales managers. It was planned to increase the number of area sales managers from 8 to 15.

Adam was a? headhunteda for the post of one of the area sales managers with Whitakers. The current General Sales Manager of Whitakers, Sarah had previously worked with Adam ( at another company ) and was pleased when he agreed to come to work at Whitakers.

Adam commenced work as an area sales manager for Whitakers on 8th April 2012 and was given responsibility for Whitakers shops situated in Surrey. Adam performed well and Sarah told him that she was very happy with his work.

In July 2012 , Collin, the area sales manager for the Hampshire area ( the sales area next to Surrey) was ill and off work, and Adam was asked to take on his work in addition to his own until Colin returned.

Adam agreed to take on the additional work until Colin returned. At the end of August 2012 Collin had not returned to work and it appeared that he would probably be off sick for a further three months. Adam raised the matter with Sarah and stated that he was finding it very difficult to cope with a?doing Collins worka as well as his own. Sarah promised that she would try to find

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