Mployment lawthe employment relationship

1. (a.) Explain what an employment tribunal is and what role it plays in resolving
workplace disputes.
(b.) Explain the relationship between the employment tribunals and the
Employment Appeals Tribunal. Your answer should include coverage
of the function of the EAT.
2. Read the case of Micoch v The Sanctuary Workforce Limited 2011
(Employment Tribunal). You will be supplied with a copy of this case.
(a) Which tribunal decided the case? What is its case number?
(b) What were the material (relevanUkey) facts?
Student task –
Looking at the case of Micoch v The Sanctuary Workforce Limited 2011
(Employment Tribunal).
(a) What were the legal issues?
(b) What decisions did the employment tribunal reach?
4. Comment on the decision in Micoch. Do you agree with it and if so, why? lf you
disagree, explain why.

State the law fully and accurately and apply it carefully to the questions to
demonstrate depth of understanding,
Show that extensive research across a range of sources has taken place; that
suggested sources have been investigated, evaluated and integrated into the
task answers; there is evidence of independent research across a wide
range of sources, integrated purposefully into the task answers
Show an awareness of the contractual and statutory principles that underpin
the employment relationship and use these to achieve the designated
You should consult the following texts in the preparation of this assignment. Please
consult the lesson plans on Moodle for a week by week guide to your suggested
Key Text: Nairns, J. (2010) Employment Law for Business Sfudenfs Pearson
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