Mployment program for the graduate students

This is a Grant writing , asking for fund from the ministry of higher education in Saudi Arabia , to fund the Saudi Arabia Cultural mission to launch an employement program for the gradauted students who are studying in the U.S. ,

since the ministry of higher education have designed King Abdullahs Scholarship Programthat aims to prepare the students to be qualified labors and study in the best universities around the world , and acheive economic development for the kingdom in the long term,

However , there are too many students who are graduating from the scholarship program and went back home to saudi arabia , and are now jobless!!

Therefore , the main purpose of this paper is to submit a proposalgrant writing to the ministry of higher education to launch an employment program at the saudi cultural mission in washingon D.C.

the elements of the grant writing should be as follow:
1the need , i wil attach a file the i have written some of the need But you have to write more to make it more attractive to get the fund , why are these students unemployed?
2-The methods:
this is the most important part of the propsal ,
here we have to put our plan in lanuching the program,
the plan is to have a department in the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission that help the students to find a job after they graduate , and this department should be existed until the end of the scholarship program ends,
the Saudi Arabia cultural mission ( please note that the person who is writing is proposal are the saudi arabian cultural mission to the ministry of higher education in saudi arabia) have to employ new staff only for this department , lets say 10 employees ,the main mission of the employees is the track the students progress , what year are they graduating , what is their major to help them find the right job after they graduate ,
also , the Saudi Arabia Cultural mission should ask the Ministry of higher education to organize with the public sector and the private sector to help the students that are graduating from the scholarship program to find a job easily,
Also , there should be a new website for this department , and all the students should be registered in the website , and they should upload their CV , and have them choose where do they want to work afterwards,

Also , The Saudi Arabia cultural Mission new department of employing the students , should offer workshops or training session that help the students to be prepared for the labor force!

Please think in other ways that we can also apply in this program , please be creative , think of other ways the this department will help the students find a job later!


here you should state what are the objectives of this program ,
basically it;s to reduce to unemployment after graduation , also to help the students find their desired job, prepare the students for the labor force , making sure that the goals of King Abdullahs Scholsrship program are being acheived through this program ,

please note that you should also mention what is the time frame of your objectives , this supposed to be from now until the end of king abdullah;s scholarship program

3Evaluation plan

how are we going to know that our program has succeed ,

i suggest that we have to have a feedback mechanism , you can track the number of the students who have registered in the website , and found a job !

please think in other ways that you can know that the program will succeed


for here you should create a table for the budget, it should contains the total amount we need from the ministry of higher education ,
and then you should have a break down for all the expenses : e.g. staff , the cost of having a new department in the same buliding of the saudi arabian cultural mission , offices , the cost of the website , the cost of the workshops…

at the end , there should be an executive summary for all the components of the proposal i mentioned above , you should do it at the end , and then put it in the beginning of the paper