Mployment/Industrial relations. Compare Australias WorkChoices legislation and Fair Work Act.

Compare the previous WorkChoices legislation with the Fair Work Act. In the form of an
academic essay, discuss this statement with specific reference to the existing literature
available on these topics.
You will need to identify workforce outcomes (for example changes in pay and conditions)
associated with WorkChoices and the Fair Work Act. Considerable research has been
undertaken about both of these industrial relations policies. Use the two theories of Unitarism and Pluralism both outlined by Alan Fox 1966 Industrial sociology and industrial relations, research papers 3. Workchoices falls within Unitarism and Fair Work Act falls within Pluralism. Also the lecturer feels noting the concept about managerial prerogative and how this differs between the two. You can expect to find relevant content in the text and the study book from modules 3 and 4.
Other modules may also contain useful information relating to this topic. There is an article
by Prof David Peetz which will provide you with some valuable information, and also some
useful articles from the Management Today journal, which are available on the StudyDesk to
get you started. While these are useful there is more recent research available, one place you
might choose to look for this is from papers presented at AIRAANZ conferences
( which you might find helpful.
You need to consider issues in addition to those presented in your textbook and this will
reflect in the originality and research and referencing score given for your essay.
On the marking criteria sheet, the theory content includes referenced commentary on
WorkChoices and Fair Work Act.