Mpowerment & Strategic Workforce Management

Strategic Workforce Management Qs:
” How are reward, benefits and employee development systems aligned with strategy in an organization?
” What, according to Huselid, Beatty & Becker, are A, B, and C  players. What role should each of these categories play in an organizations strategy? Does your organization have a clear and coherent strategy for recruiting, training and retaining employees in all three categories?
” Kerr addresses examples of misalignment between strategic needs and reward systems. Give examples of reward systems that fail to provide incentives, or in fact provide disincentives, to efforts and activities that advance organizational mission and strategy. How can middle managers mitigate the undesirable effects of these kinds of misalignments?
Empowerment Qs:
” Provide examples of ways that managers strike the balance between their organizations commitment to systems of control and to empowering employees. Are there systematic strategies to address these challenges?
” To what degree does an organizations success in this area depend upon the good instincts of middle managers and the good will of employees?

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