MrPorter) A critical examination of the marketing communication strategies (thinking globally) used by MrPorter

you do not need to write about company background !!!


After reading chapter 18 a?Digital Marketing and Social Mediaa? by Jobber, D & Ellis-Chadwick F (2012) Principles and Practices of Marketing, you are required to write a case study about a fashion etailer that demonstrates the theories discussed in the chapter and other concepts studied throughout the module so far.

The etailers you could choose from are either:

1. MrPorter


The chapter supplied is a PDF draft written in July 2012 a the final version is published in the textbook published in December 2012

This is not a case study about retail strategy consider global issues that will affect their marketing communication strategy and social media approach.

You should not interview people who work or shop at the company to conduct this research. Online observation, research and content analysis is needed.

Learning outcomes to be assessed with reference to marketing communications

4. Select and critically discuss relevant trends in global consumer attitudes and their impact on ethics, the environment and the economy.

5. Identify and assess strategic marketing decisions made by fashion brand labels in the light of global competition.

6. Critically analyse a fashion marketing company in its competitive environment in a global fashion marketing context

Skills called for: observation, analysis, problem solving and ethics.

The case study should be written in formal professional language.

Please note: No interviews required.


Consider providing the background to the organization you are studying within the boundaries of the assignment task set.

Provide observations including what, why, how, when and who is affected. This is your data so be as honest as possible with your observations.

What theories exist already about the topic? Do your observations align with the theories on this topic or not? What similarities and differences exist?

Make conclusion.

Suggest recommendations and provide reasons for your recommendations.

Case studies are usually presented in report format. The format may be structured under the following subheadings:


1. Introduction (100 words)

a. This is case study addressing for international fashion marketing strategya¦a¦a¦

b. Single sentences for each chapter

2. Literature review (200)

3. Observations (400)

a. Explaining of Website, what is containing on it

b. Fact what I found

4. Discussion (500)

a. To discuss what I found from observation

b. Opinion what I though

5. Conclusion (200)

6. Recommendations

7. References

8. Appendices

you do not need to write about company background !!!