Mulation Essay (Revisions to meet statements)


Review and Revise the attached essay to meet the revison requirments and purpose of the essay that are attached-I have posted some of the instructors comments below.

Part One:

What is unique, particular, or effective about the way that author is writing? Consider how the way the author has written to the piece is related to what the piece means, or how we feel/react when we read it.

Think about voice, tone, even rhythm or cadence. Maybe you can see something about the way the author organizes details.

Work on your Emulation piece, with the goal of truly emulating something of the authors style.
As you work on this, go back to A&Pand look for some of the very specific things that Updike does that you can Stealor emulate in yours. For instance, while youre starting with an explanation of who the narrator is, and what he is doing, Updike has Sammy begin the narration of A&Pby narrating the entrance of the girls. Can you rework your piece to start with the focus on the guy on his phone and what makes him stand out -youll see how Updike quickly goes back to fill in details about the sitiuation and the narrator.

Similarly, look at the ways that Updike has Sammy use language and quick descriptions that show the reader something about the community and social setting (and how he gives people nicknames) -you may want to try some of these things here.