Museum and the social construction of high culture/5)mobilizing resources

9) To look chapter 4, just shown hierarchy system of art world, itas about capitalizing system in art world. When we talked about patronage system it also includes of hierarchy of capitalism. Especially in modern art, there artists are disappeared in art world. I donat want to say all of artists, but to develop modern art there is no evidence art is nice of bad, we at least look through art this is connect, or not connect, even social class people would know more than other people but are they sure any of cue from their rule is really division of good modern art or bad modern art? Many of modern artist, who can publicity of work, open galleries, or easy to join social class. They would be success in artist way, because in a art world who are success that reason we could talk that success artist we know more than background artists such as many artists. In the world there mush so many of artists even much better than todayas artists. In a case of art should get so many sources for to success, example of luck, capitalize, relationship, effort, talent, and interchange with audience. How this hard to be a artists it is such a long way to go for any one who wants to be a artists.

5) Mobilizing resources, as artists think nothing is useless, sometimes garbage is much better than shape of sources, like we know so many kinds of work of art, such as recycling art work, installation of art work with dusts, being look natural put in garbage in a art work, even more like sand art work, of course there have several monopolistic market for art materials, but sometimes of artists complete work is different than what artist imagine, it sometimes batter, and sometimes not, because only imagine does not include artistas temperature as feeling with in artistas imagine. That reason if can not get materials that really need in art work, there tons of similar materials in outside. If anything satisfy look at out world closely there should have something that you might like, there in art world with no limitation because such as small dusts can be art.