Music Industry) Business analysis of an artists career

Artist: Eagles

Artists UK top 40 album: Long Road Out Of Eden (Polydor)

Note that you are not writing the bibliography of an artist, nor is this paper to be focused on an artist s music; it is to be a business analysis of their career. It is to be from business perspective and should not read like a piece of music journalism. Be sure back up your business analysis with references from the relevant text on the reading list and with texts that aren t on this list.

It is essential that you look at the artist objectively, distancing yourself from your personal views of their music and image. Where possible, when discussing points where key business choices were made, you should analyse those choices in-depth as well as discussing whet possible alternatives there were, presenting a rationale argument on why you agree or disagree with what done.

The structure of your document is down to you, but it must include 250 word executive summary; it should be the specific highlights of the report squashed down into one paragraph. The report should be written using professional language as opposed to academic language.

All referencing should be done in accordance with the Harvard System.

NOT TO: Use of the first person ( I )

Things that your paper is likely to cover off include:

” When did management get involved in artist s career and what role did management play in the act s early days

” What work and investment went into making the act signable

” How was the act s fanbase build up

” Who signed the act s recording rights, why, when, and for how much

” Who signed the act s publishing rights, why, when, and for how much

” How did the act achieve mainstream success (what were the key steps)

” What media outlets were/are key supporters of the act

” What demographic(s) does the act appeal to

” How was the act marketed initially and how is the act marketed now

” How was the act promoted initially and how is the act promoted now

” What other artists has the act toured with and why

” How does the act fit into roster of the label that they re signed to

” How does the act fit into the roster of the management company that they re signed to

” What key business decisions were made at which points in the artist s career

” Any major marketing or publicity initiatives and innovations

” Details of any legal disputes surrounding the act

” The role of live performances in the artist s career

” The role of new media in the artist s career

” Details and discussion of any sync placements of the artist s work in ads or films

” Analysis of album and single sleeve art (back up with references from design texts!)

” Analysis of the image projected in the artist s videos and the role those videos have played in breaking the artist (be careful to avoid personal opinion here)

” Sponsorship and endorsements

” Video releases

” Exploitation of the act s name and likeness as a brand

” The role of merchandise

” An analysis of the acts revenue sources (including any innovative ones)

” Discussion on how the act can survive in the future once record royalties have dwindled due to digital piracy

” How any change of label or publisher was handled and the circumstances around it

” How any line-up changes were handled

” How songwriting credits were shared

” International aspects of the artist s career, including how the artist became successful internationally (if they have)

” Sales and chart figures

” Royalty rates, advance amounts, tour grosses, and other relevant stats

Reading list

” Baskerville, D. (1995) Music Industry Handbook. 6th Edition. Sage Publications

” Davis,S. and Laing, D. (2001) The Guerilla Guide to the Music Business. Continuum International Publishing Group

” Harrison, A. (2003) Music The Business: The Essential Guide to the Law and the Deals. Virgin Books

” Kemp, C. (2000) Music Industry Management and Promotion. 2nd Edition. Elm Publications

” Krasilovsky, W. and Shemel, S. (2000) This Business Of Music. Billboard Books

” Music Managers Forum (2001) The MMF Guide to Professional Music Management. Sanctuary Publishing

Useful Journals

Music Week


The Financial Times Tuesday edition  Creative Business

Useful websites


uk (Music managers forum) (The association of independent music s site)