Music Technology) Sound Design for the Moving Image

The above will be a research proposal for admission to Postgraduate Studies (MRes) in Music Technology. Due to the inability to find a specific topic in this proposal I would like your help on the above topic. During three years in the University my experience in Music Technology is about Sound Processing. Specifically in Creative Sound Design, Max/Msp, Digital Audio, Analog and Digital Audio, Composing With Sound, Surround Sound. During my time at university, I would be required to use and master programs such as Adobe Audition 3.0, Logic Pro 9, Max/Msp, SoundShaper, Al and Erwin. Of these programs, I am particularly fond of using Adobe Audition 3.0, Logic Pro 9 and Max/Msp. My ultimate goals in life are to continue creating the music I love to make, and also to work in the film industry creating sound effects and music soundtracks.