Na, transposable elements, pv92 insertion, evolution, bioinformatics, hardy weinberg equation

I am writing a scientific lab report on the attached lab. I am writing this report for an audience that consists of my professor and classmates. We are currently studying DNA in out class lecture. This lab introduces us to concepts of evolutionary biology, as well as bioinformatics, in particular the Hardy-Weinberg equation. I feel the these are what need to be emphasized in the introduction. Use a format of Introduction, Method and Materials, Results, Discussion. You do not need to write the Methods and Materials section, I have already done that. I will provide you the data we obtained. What we did was take the data from the class and go onto a bioinformatics server where we plugged in our data. I will also attach screenshots of that. The hypothesis I made at the beginning of the lab was : I predict I will be homozygous positive (+/+) for the PV92 Alu insertion. It will be up to you to figure out what you think will be the best support for this hypothesis which you will also discuss in the introduction. we plugged our data into an allele server at I will also provide a link to a sample lab report written on this subject, that I dont is even good or not, but should help. Discuss polymorphisms in the introduction as well