Nalyse consumer-brand relationships in a product category of your choice

In the paper I would like to choose the air line industry for the product category.
Under the essay question it stated the following:
The paper should demonstrate a
a? That you have read the keys papers
a? That you have independently found relevant further papers/reading
a? That you are working and understand them
a? That you have identified the key ideas
a? That you have benefited from discussion in seminars
a? That you can develop your own ideas and conclusions from your reading
a? That you can provide full academic referencing
a? That you can provide examples of good and poor practice.
The following are the marking scheme of the essay
a? Keys paper read and used (Essay refers to and uses at the least the keys recommended academic paper/texts
a? Evidence of broader, relevant reading. (Essay refers to and uses at the least 8 related academic papers)
a? Discussion demonstrates understanding. (The keys arguments are identified clearly and used as the basis for discussion. Unsupported assertion/opinion is avoided.)
a? Key ideas clearly identified (Ideas are separated out and clearly labeled and defined)
a? The paper evaluates ideas. (Idea are weighed up dispassionately against evidence and in terms of their of their impact on practice and theory)
a? The paper is reflective (critical) ( The student considers his own social and cultural position as a source of bias)
a? The paper provides examples of good and bad practice. ( Uses a number of practical examples to support the theoretical arguments)
a? The paper is professionally presented (title, author, Harvard referencing system. Clear layout, neatly presented.