Nalyse how Spielberg explores the relationship between memory, mourning and machines in AI: Artificial Intelligence and Minority Report.

1. Argument
A sustained, explicit argument, developed throughout the essay and substantiated through reference to films, through film analysis and through engagement with film theory. Introduced in the introduction (which will tell me exactly what you will argue) and summed up in the conclusion.?This argument will provide an answer (or a range of answers) to the question.
Your essay will give your unique analysis and argument on the topic. Your essay will be analytical (why the scene in question is exciting, how excitement is created technically, creatively) rather than merely judgemental (e.g., this scene is exciting). Avoid generalisations, e.g. i??romantic comedy is a sexist genrei?? be specific, give examples, always substantiate your arguments and observations, define your terms.
2. Close analysis
Detailed, close analysis of cinematic elements using the terminology of film analysis. These analyses will be related to the arguments you make about the films throughout the essay. A good essay will rarely or never be purely descriptive i?? every sentence will be analytical, critical, and related to the argument. Consider, is your close reading providing observations which substantiate your argument and areni??t superfluous description. Doni??t recount the plot, doni??t analyse the film chronologically.
Observe the films closely and carefully. Try to conduct some original analysis in your essays i?? things no one else has written about. Originality is valued.
3. Research
The essay will engage in depth and with sophistication with scholarly research that is relevant to the topic, and will include material from the reading list provided and found through individual research.
The research will be well-integrated through critical engagement. Avoid extended quotations and always indicate why and how the quote is relevant.
4. Writing Skills
Your essay needs to be perfectly referenced according to Harvard style.
See the University of Greenwich Havard guide. 232570/SS-Referencing-Rev5.pdf )
It will be clear, probing, inquisitive, with few or no grammatical errors or typos.
It will be well-structured, with each paragraph following on logically from the previous one.
The following elements SHOULD NOT be in your essay [List Z]:
Lengthy plot summaries. These will kill your essayi??s hopes of success.
Lengthy descriptions rather than analysis. Ask yourself: is this sentence adding anything to my analysis or my argument, or am I just describing a scene?
Lack of research. And lack of bibliography. Or a bibliography made up of random internet i??sourcesi?? like imdb and blogs.
Rambling about things/films that are only peripherally relevant; waffling, padding the essay.
Re-hashing stuff said by other people i?? very long, un-integrated quotations.
Lack of clarity, grammatical errors, lack of structure, jumping around from point to point.
Simplistic judgments and statements. Improper referencing.?
No reference to the question. Failing to focus on the question.
Falling more than 10% short of the word count.