Nalyse how the narratoras perspective shapes (or mis-shapes) our perceptions in two novels from this course.

The two books are great expectations and pride and prejudice.

You should pay attention to the following in constructing your essay as your ability to do these things effectively will be the measure against which your essay will be considered:

a) Construct an argument which asserts a clear position in relation to your chosen topic, and also provides a structure to your entire assignment. Never just retell the plot: thatas not analysis. You have to select the most appropriate material from your texts to support your argument.
b) Demonstrate close engagement with the novels through detailed analysis of the texts; use them repeatedly to support your points through direct quotation.
c) Offer a critically informed perspective, with clear evidence of relevant research. Itas not an optional extra to do secondary reading. Your reading will inform your own thinking about these texts and your chosen essay topic, and at best will be used to help shape your argument.
d) Present your essay well throughout and offer accurate and full citation for all references according to the guidelines set out in the English Referencing Guidelines. Footnotes should be used for your references in all English literature essays. If there is anything you are not clear about regarding referencing, ask.
e) Write accurately from the first word to the last (i.e. grammatically correct and correctly punctuated throughout).
f) Give equal consideration to each novel.

Referencing Requirements:
Please use books that are available on kindle from the list I have provided to use as sources