Nalyse learning and teaching strategies used in own specialism.

You should demonstrate in your essay how you can use different strategies (demonstrations, role plays, discussions, presentations and group work) to teach different topics within your specialty subject. Provide evidence that you know your area of specialism well by explaining which strategies would be effective or not so effective when you are teaching specific topics within it. You can think a?hypotheticallya? and explain what resources you would use and what sort of plans you would make for a particular demonstration, practical task, role play or discussion with a large (or small) group of students. What could be some strengths and limitations of using andragogy and pedagogy approaches within your area of teaching? For example, I like learners to contribute their different points of view in the Security course I deliver so that they feel engaged and motivated in my lessons. On the other hand, I also need to ensure that I adhere to timings and that Security students learn all the information contained within the Awarding Bodyas PowerPoint presentation. Therefore, I might teach in a more formal manner at times and ask that learners reserve their questions for the end of the lesson.As a Teacher or Trainer in your specialty area, which learning theories (Medal and Mission, Banduraas Self-Efficacy model, etc.) do you think you could use?
Look at EDIP, open questioning methods, and you can list a few teaching approaches which might specifically help you teach your specialty subject (demonstrations, role-plays, etc.).
A Gravells Preparing to teach in the lifelong learning sector
I teach 1 to 1 so theres only one student in the class. Beauty industry, eyelash extensions,student learns about health and safety,sterilisation of the equipment and work area, contraindications, skin and eye diseases, preparation of a client, they are shown pictures of before and after work, so they can imagine how their work should look like, I also demonstrate types of application how to prepare a client etc they have hands on practice with a mannequin learning how to separate and attach lashes, step by step explanations of what to do and pictures showing step by step applications. Second part of the training is working with real models and practising of what they have learnt during the session.