Nalyse of tourism impact after oil accident in gulf of Mexico.

Project Overview: This assessment involves writing a research paper on a tourism-related issue facing a specific destination. It should include a critical analysis of: a? the touristic development of the chosen destination until today. a? the type of tourism-related issue facing this destination and its different aspects. a? sustainable solutions available to address issue. In order for the analysis to be objective and credible, it should be purely relying on relevant academic sources or reliable secondary data. Personal opinions or experiences should not be included in the analysis. Overall Aim: Analyse a tourism-related issue facing a specific destination. Analysis should be longitudinal and include data-driven and realistic recommendations in order to address this issue in a sustainable way. The analysis should be developed and supported by the use of a minimum of 12 sources. Out of all sources used for the project, a minimum of !!5 should be academic!!. Articles from professional journals and sources of secondary data should be cautiously assessed in terms of validity and reliability. All sources used should be properly referred to in the text and in the reference list. Learning Outcomes: 1. Overview of the demand and supply side of tourism. 2. Understand the impacts of tourism and sustainability issues. 3. Evaluate the different planning techniques at destination and regional levels. 4. Suggest the trends in the global growth of tourism and evaluate their likely impacts upon the future development of the industry. Organization & Methodology: a) Identify a tourism-related issue facing a specific destination. b) Present a longitudinal analysis of the tourism demand and supply of this destination. c) Identify, explain and analyze the type of tourism-related issue facing the destination. d) Propose, justify and if applicable review sustainable solutions to address this issue. Special instructions: a? Claims and assertions should always be supported by evidences. a? Avoid quotations. Paraphrase instead. Send me please a separate Word document providing the permalinks of all articles used for the review.