Nalyse the components of a webmarkiting strategy and explain how the SHRBP can add value to the markiting dept.

the assessment will be on; structure of the essay( introduction, main body and conclusion), theory, focus on question and answer it, content and critical.

Could you provide definition and theory to web-marketing and for markiting dept. Also, mention the component of wep-marketing strategy.
first of all, provide advantages and disadvantages of web marketing. could you look at this video on youtube, it will give you a lot of information about marketing strategy and use some points of it (sage

Secondly, could you use Ulrick model, ( Admin, Employee Championas and HR roles to support the change agent), as SHRBP and discribe how can add value to the marketing dept.
Please follow what i mentioned above. if you did not understand anythings of my note plese contact me.