Nalyse the effect of the Internet on research design and methods

The effect of the Internet

Analise the effect of the Internet on research design and methods

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How the Internet changed focus groups online from physical focus groups and whether the differences are valuable or a problem.

How the general social effect of the Internet in creating virtual groups and whether research methods should follow this social trend.

How display and interactive features of electronic, Internet-based surveys differ from paper-based surveying and how they make it easier or more difficult to gain access to a survey population.

How Internet technology enables the tracking of users behaviour without their knowledge and how this is different to other research situations.

How there is too much faith placed in the analysis of apparently objective data generated from websites and what this faith says about our social understandings of the Internet?

How the technological mediation involved in Internet research create / prevent ethical issues.
How unethical / ethical practice connect with the introduction of new technologies.

Any other effects of the Internet on research design and methods.

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