Nalyse the hrm aspects and procedures of an organization of your choice

Aims of Assignment

Human Resources are arguably the most important asset of any business. The aim of this module is to provide an understanding of the human resource management role and function within the key areas of selection, rewarding, motivation, development and relations.

Learning Outcomes

a? Compare the traditional view of personnel management and the new approach of human resource management.
a? Evaluate the procedures and practices used for recruiting and selecting suitable employees.
a? Assess situation and identify human resource requirements in terms of tools, development, motivation, control.
a? Identify weaknesses within the human resource management system and propose ways to rectify.
a? Demonstrate knowledge of issues involved in performance appraisals.
a? Device effective compensation and rewarding schemes.
a? Manage conflicts and maintain healthy relations among employees.
a? Explore rights and procedures on exit from an organisation.

Assessment Criteria

Assessment is designed to measure the demonstration of the learning outcomes, thus, a percentage mark will be awarded for this project as follows:

Introduction to the organization 10%
Proposal, Methodology and Strategy 15%
Research and application of HRM principles 30%
Conclusion and recommendations 15%
Presentation of assignment 30%


Choose an organisation of your choice and analyse it on at least 4 aspects of the Human Resource Theories taught in class (e.g. recruitment, training, employee development, performance appraisals, job analysis-job descriptions etc).

Make sure your points are backed up by a literature review.

You may use the help of a questionnaire in order to complete a mini interview to a person working in the organization or if you have personal experience in the company you can describe your own experiences. In the case that you will be using names, make sure to get permission from the person which name you will be using.

One of the most important parts of your assignment is the recommendations part. Here you must describe all the problems found in the organization on the HRM aspects that you have analyzed and propose possible solutions for the overcoming of these issues.

Submission Guidelines

This is an individual project intended on teaching you how to apply the core values taught in class.
Text should appear in 12-point Times or equivalent, 1,5 paragraph line spacing. The body of the paper should be right and left justified. Make sure your assignment has a title page with a full title of the paper, authoras names, semester and module name and number.

It is extremely important to have a last page with references.

References should follow the structure of the example bellow:

– Tierney, John (2006) Criminology: Theory and Context. 2nd Ed. Pearson/Longman.

Name of date of title edition publisher
Authorsa publication

– Similarly when information taken from websites and in the case that no author name is available state the exact website and the date browsed.

Below is a list to suggest where you might find possible project ideas and information:
Collect existing related material, check out the competition.
Newspapers, current affairs/topical issues.
Business magazines and/or articles.
Contacting organizations for interviews, brochures/literature or browsing their website.