Nalyse the human resource issue relevant to an organization intending to expand into the global market

The purpose of this report is for students to explore and critically analyse the human resource issues relevant to an organization intending to expand into the global market. You may choose an organization based in Australia or another country, and you will discuss the expansion from the home country to another country. You may choose an existing organization or develop a composite picture of an organization. Do not report on the actual expansion of any organization a you are asked to reflect about the expansion, and plan for, some of the human resource management issues that an organization may face when planning international expansion.
It is intended that the paper provide the opportunity to further develop your research skills; to critically apply theories, models and frameworks to a practical situation; and to write an effective report.
Criteria for evaluation:
Clear and concise description of the company (specifying whether it is an existing company or a composite picture). Include details such as type of industry, size of company, HRM information etc. (5%)
Discuss the rationale for expansion to the country chosen ( include country factor analysis). (10%)
Critically discuss the differences in national culture of the parent country and the host country and possible implications for human resource management. (15%)
Select 2 HR Functions: recruitment and selection; performance management; expatriation and repatriation; or compensation. Discuss the implications of national culture, legal and ethical considerations with regards to at least two of the above. (20%)
What are your Recommendations for a successful expansion ( including International Business, HR and cultural strategies).(10%)
Evidence of substantial use of both conventional and electronic sources of information.
Report structure (including executive summary, table of contents, introduction, discussions, recommendations, conclusions, references, appendices as appropriate)
This report should be the electric submit
Dowling, P.J., Marion Festing & Welch, D.E., (2008) International Human Resource Management (5th Edition) Cengage Australia. And Adler, N.J. (2008) International Dimensions of Organizational Behaviour, (5th Edition), Thompson-South Western Publishing, Australia. is the main teaching material in this unit.