Nalyse the impact and effectiveness of ILO (international labor organization) convention in child labor in China

1.The word limit is 1800 words not include footnotes and bibliography 2. Coursework must be full referenced using footnotes in OSCOLA format and bibliography must be provided. 3. I am non-native speaker so you MUST use easy words on this paper. 4. I am student who study in United Kingdom. Consequently, you MUST use all information or website or journal or examples which are come from UK (United Kingdom). 5. I will list the Question of this assessment again: analyze the impact and effective of ILO Conventions in one of the four main areas covered in the course, making reference to the compliance record of one or more countries. The main areas covered are: discrimination, child labor, freedom of association, and forced labor. -from Q above, I would like you to do about child labor in China (You can look at just one country which is china, and you can look at child labour, and this means analysing the impact and effectiveness of the ILO conventions. 6. You must use both primary and secondary sources that I listed as above. 7. This module is International Labor Law.
I would like u to use
Also, I need u to use the secondary sources which is the ILO has its own journal, the International labor review (ILR), useful text: 1. Hepple B Labour Laws and Global Trade (Hart Publishing Oxford 2005)2. Servais, J International Labor Law (Kluwer Law International 2005)