Nalyse the impact of psychological factors on patients pain experience and coping with their condition

i?? The main focus should be an analysis of the role of psychology and psychological factors on patientsi?? coping with their condition and pain. Focus on at least two different factors but not more than four.

i?? The analysis should be based on a i??manual therapyi?? patient. (The patient is a 55 years old female with a long standing history of lower back pain and also unexplained multiple joint pains. Patient is depressed, with recurrent anxiety attacks. Patient is unemployed for the past 8 years following a traumatic business experience that forced her into bankruptcy. The patient has multiple postural compensatory changes including Scoliosis. ) Please note that the above case should only be used as a guide; you should not include too detailed an account of patientsi?? condition, treatment, etc. this should not be the main focus of the paper. Include just enough information to enable you to base your discussion and analyses of psychological factors.
i?? The aim is:
-To identify potential psychological issues, e.g. could be patientsi?? (maladaptive) behaviour, cognitions, any traumatic experiences they may have had, etc.
-To pose the right questions, i.e. what would a i??manual therapyi?? practitioner like to understand about your patient/ their behaviour/symptoms
– -To support some of the arguments (here you should always offer a balanced view and bear in mind that single cases are poor research evidence)