Nalyse the key elements of an effective approach to recruitment and selection

Title of essay a?Analyse the key elements of an effective approach to recruitment and selectiona?
2500 words

1- Important Words a Analyse
Analyse -break up into parts, examine in detail the elements or structure of, investigate, a combination of criticise and evaluate
i?® Criticise -make a judgement using evidence to support it, consider all the positive and negative aspects of the topic
i?® Evaluate -give your judgment about the merit or importance of something, backup your judgment by discussing evidence, make an appraisal of the worth of something

2- Important Words a key elements
i?® Recruitment
i?® Selection
i?® Employer Branding
i?® Legal Issues
i?® Organisational Issues
i?® Job seeker Issues

3- Important Words a Effective
i?® Has the approach achieved the desired outcomes?
i?® What are the desired outcomes?
i?® How is it known if they are achieved?

4- Assessment Criteria
i?® Draws on a wide range of sources (35%)
i?® Constructs logical argument (35%)
i?® Shows good overall presentation & layout (15%)
i?® Uses a referencing system correctly (15%)

5- Use of Examples
i?® Core Texts
i?® Practitioner literature journals such as a?People Managementa.
i?® Reputable web based sources
i?® Organisational specific material
i?® Personal experience
( up-to-date & relevant)