Nalyse the lessons of war from Mother Courage. Have we learned these lessons and is Mother Courage a timely play for us?

In order to do this assignment the play Mother Courage must have been read. Analyse the lessons of war from mother courage. Have we learned lessons and is Mother Courage a timely play for us ?
The second question should be based on what we have learnt from mother courage and was it useful for us from learning point of view and what are positives and negative aspects of the message of the play.

The second question is more of a personal question what lessons you might have learned throughout her mistakes etc . Also please one important factor is i will need this essay to be in bullet points ! so each sentence to made into a bullet point or for example as a point give an important information and then under that bullet point write more into depth so its explained. If you have any further questions please let me know.

Thank You

Referencing Requirements:
Please Read the book Mother Courage and Her Children by Author Bertolt Brecht; Norman Roessler (Introduction by); John Willett (Translator, Editor); Ralph Manheim (Editor, Translator); Olympia Dukakis (Foreword by)