Nalyse the marketing strategies used by: Starbucks

Analyse the marketing strategies used by: Starbucks.

What are the strategic marketing issues and options facing the organisation in November 2009 in building and sustaining its competitive position in the market?.

Using the macro environment analysis (external) through PEST analysis.
The micro environment analysis (internal) through SWOT analysis.
Competitor analysis.
Branding strategy.
Analysis and positioning.
The evolving role of green product and sustainable lifestyles marketing
The marketing communication advertising.

NB: all the theories in red should be properly applied on starbucks and every paragraph should have a title.

2500 words.

Written assignments will be marked on the following criteria:

” Evidence of research and wider reading
” Identification and understanding of relevant marketing theory
” Illustration of appropriate marketing theory through application to business practice
” Evaluative skills in the selection of appropriate marketing information
” Comprehension of the significance of macro and micro factors
” Recommendations arising from critical evaluations
” Correct citation and referencing
” Writing skills and presentation
” Coherent report structure and good standard of English
book related to marketing strategy and principals of marketing