Nalyse the meaning of empowerment in social work. What strategies can the social worker deploy to maximise the empowerment of service users.

I am a first year student doing an undergraduate degree in social work.
I was trying to bring in an example of vulnerable adults with learning disabilites and how you would empower this group of people.

Also bring in Antidiscrimination ,anti-oppressive

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Neill thompson,(Power and Empowerment)and any others of his.
Sarah Banks.
Verionca Coulshed,(Social work practice).
(Robert Adams(Social work and Empowerment 2003).
Jackie Pritchard (good practice vulnerable adults).
Lee.J 1994 (The empowerment approach to social practice)
Beckett.c.Social work and intervention.
Please try and get the most up to date.
If you can find any others use them.