Nalyse the positive and negative effects that music has upon mental health.

Basic Information:

a) This project is an extended essay.

The purpose of the project is to demonstrate your skills in:
Analysis and selection and understanding and using information to develop an idea.
You must develop a clear structure to your essay.
Develop your ideas progressively through the essay.

The work should demonstrate a very good grasp of the relevant knowledge base.
is generally informed by the major conventions and practices of the area of study.
Demonstrates a very good understanding of the different perspectives or approaches associated with the area of study.
The students work should identify new information from sources which are generally appropriate.
Makes some use of additional information.
Generally appraises the relevance and value of new information accurately.
Shows a very good grasp of the meaning and significance of new information.
Generally combines or synthesises information with outcomes that are:

The work makes generally sound judgements about how to complete work.
Is structured in a way that is generally logical and fluent.
Contains some ambiguities or limitations in the expression of arguments or ideas.
Taken as a whole, demonstrates a very good response to the demands of the brief/assignment.

****Sources I have researched that will need to be used****

Healing at the speed of sound by Don Campbell, author of The Mozart effect and Alex Doman, founder of Advanced brain technologies.

How Music effects our moods