Nalyse the relationship between gender and power in Mrs Warrenas Profession.

ESSAY QUESTION: Analyse the relationship between gender and power in Mrs Warrenas Profession.

Length: 1250 words

Research: at least three scholarly sources to support your analysis a essays without at least three sources will fail. You must use academic/scholarly material: NO WIKIPEDIA, SPARKNOTES, BRAINY-QUOTES,
ANSWERS.COM et al. Online sources must come from, .edu, or .ac.can domains
Citation: Proper referencing of direct quotes and paraphrases, ideas and factual information from secondary sources

Bibliography: a correctly formatted bibliography

Double spacing: single spaced work will not be marked
Pages numbered

Student numbers only on each page a no names
Write the essay question at the top of page one
Do not include any numbered or bullet pointed lists a write in continuous prose
Do not use subheadings
Do not reproduce lecture or workshop notes in your essay

Structure: in your introduction, explain the argument(s) you will need to formulate and develop through research in order to answer the question youave chosen. What are the key points you will make?

Research: information and ideas from secondary sources should be used in support of your own argument/points. Do not throw in quotes at random; use them as part of your evidence a introduce and contextualise them.

The essay will be marked according to these criteria:
a? Relevance of the essay to the question
a? Clear structure and organisation of material presented
a? Evidence of relevant research a use of at least three scholarly sources as detailed above
a? Evidence of analysis (not merely description)
a? Use of references for all quotations and information included
a? Bibliography

Essays which are not properly referenced will fail!